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Puffy Chuckles (Guest)
Zobaline worked wonders for Puffy Chuckles
Puffy Chuckles, who is nine years old, was struggling with walking. Ever since this past January,his vet has been trying to find the precise dosage of insulin for him. He is very sensitive to insulin and would have seizures while taking a "normal" dose. So it took months, during which he developed the neuropathy and couldn't go up stairs, walk a couple of steps without sitting down, jump etc. I was beside myself, because he is my VERY best friend. I did some research and found Zobaline. I read reviews and decided to give it a try. We are about to finish up the first bottle and there is a night a day difference. He can walk without having to sit down, he can jump, and go up the stairs. I am a believer in this and will be ordering another bottle=^.^=
Kara in UT (Guest)
Excellent product - Ronin is so much happier!
Our pure white (and deaf) cat, Ronin, developed diabetes a few months ago - he was having a hard time walking, grunting when he laid down and just looked at the stairs with complete disdain when we moved to our new house- didn't want to bother even trying them. After i took him to the vet (since really, that was odd behavior for him since he is usually into EVERYTHING) our vet suggested we try Zobaline when he was diagnosed. And I know for sure that between the two (insulin/diet change and the little pill) our sweet boy is back to his old self. He is getting up there (16 now) but you couldn't tell with how much he loves to run around and cause the havoc he did when he was younger. That is a part of him i missed when he was sick - deaf kitties just have no clue they are making the biggest racket on the planet :) and i LOVE that he is doing that again. THANK YOU!

Also wanted to mention - i also give him the daily pill in a pill pocket - what is great is he badgers me to give him that since it is really his only 'treat' now. Gobbles it up, doesn't even bat an eye.
Sharon Randall (Guest)
My cat was diagnosed with diabetes and had terrible diabetic neuropathy. Wobbly legs and head tilted sideways. Within a weekly he was noticeably better. Then he went into remission, after changing his food to the Classic fancy feast. I read it could take 3-6 months for the neuropathy to go away. After 2 months on Zobaline he is almost back to normal. We grind up a pill in his bowl and add food and mix. The pill turns a reddish color but he has never balked at eating his food. I chewed one up and it was tasteless to me. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It was like a miracle for our cat!
Cassie (Guest)
Life Saver
I have two diabetic littermates. They are the center of our household. Frank, my orange Hemingway, was diagnosed first. He was showing little to no improvement concerning his neuropathy. The vet told us he probably would never get better and if he did it would be a years long battle to get him rehabilitated. Within one month of starting him on Zobaline he was walking normal again. Within a few months he was standing on his hind legs and purring again. It has made such a huge difference in his quality of life that it brings tears to this pet mommy's eyes. Seeing how well it work with Frank, we began giving it to our other cats just for precaution. When our second cat was diagnosed with diabetes it prevented him the pain of neuropathy and helps us better control his sugar. Thank you Life Link!
Deb (Guest)
I feel confident in saying the Zobaline has made all the difference in relieving her neuropathy symptoms. Thank you LifeLink for making this medication available and renewing hope for our "babies"!!
Deb (Guest)
Our sweet cat, Cleo, has been diabetic for 2 1/2 yrs now. She was well controlled until 6 months ago. About 6 weeks ago, she began to display signs of severe neuropathy. Her insulin had to be increased and she is pretty well controlled at present, but the neuropathy was still present. I discovered Zobaline online and read many good reviews. With high hopes, I ordered a bottle. Along with a diet change (canned food only), and 1 tablet of Zobaline per day, I have noticed a huge change in Cleo. She is walking and moving so much better, and she hasn't even been on the medication for even 2 weeks yet!!
Kat T. (Guest)
Mircle vitamin
My cat had diabetic neuropathy so bad she could only hold up her head. The insulin helped enough that she could set up and after a week hobble a little on her legs but not much.Thirty-six hours after giving her this vitamin she was able to walk for the first time in almost two weeks and was able to take her self to her pan. It has been one month and she has fully recovered and can jump up on the bed or wherever she pleases. Chases my other cat around the house. Oh ,she just turned 20 yrs old and is still going strong. I highly recommend this product. I did give my cat 5mg doses for the first two weeks. From the studies I read 3 to 5 mg are fine. What their bodies don't use will come out in their urine. I just crushed it with the back of a spoon. Crushes very easily and mixed it into her food. She ate it with no problem. It does turn red when you mix it into the food but the color is absorbed. My vet didn't think my cat would improve. I'm seeing him tomorrow and is he going to be surprised. I told him I was getting this for her and he had never heard of it before. If your cat has neuropathy TRY this you won't be disappointed.
Angie M (Guest)
Thank you for Merlin's life.
Just wanted to tell you that Zobaline saved my cat's life. I thought he had CKD, which is progressive and terminal. I was considering euthanasia for him as he could no longer walk more than two steps without lying down, walked on his hocks for those two struggling steps, was no longer able to sit up or use the litter box without getting the litter stuck to his legs, which means of course that he wouldn't use the litter box at all.

Still not willing to give him up, especially since the condition did not seem to be progressing in the way CKD does and he did not seem to be in any pain, I did some research on my own and discovered that he was not afflicted with CKD, but actually had diabetic neuropathy. Once I had the proper diagnosis of his condition, a search on treating diabetic neuropathy led me to LifeLink and Zobaline. I was a bit skeptical; would one tiny pill each day bring Merlin back to himself, or was I just having an episode of wishful thinking?

I purchased one bottle, found them very easy to crush and mix with a tiny bit of food (they turn bright pink when mixed with something) and Merlin ate the food the same as if I had not added anything to it. The visible improvement was obvious in less than a month; he could walk eight or ten feet without stopping. Now, after three months of Zobaline, Merlin walks on his toes and beats me to the spot where I put his food down. He sits up again, he's social with visitors again and has stopped losing weight and is gaining back his muscle mass.

I'm grateful to LifeLink for offering a very effective, very inexpensive treatment that anyone can afford to provide for their diabetic cat.
Terri G (Guest)
Leroy and I both thank you for this amazing product!
I just wanted to tell you that Zobaline for Diabetic Cats has been a god send for my "Leroy".

He was diagnosed with diabetes approx three years ago. Within the first six months he developed diabetic neuropathy. He was walking on the back side of his legs, could barely make it in or out of his litter box and could no longer climb stairs.

Thankfully I found your company on line and ordered the Zobaline.

Within the first three months of giving it to Leroy he started walking like his old self. Now, not only can he walk normally, he's back to running up and down the stairs.
Robin E. (Guest)
Thanks for this great product and a chance to perk up her quality of life!
Sadie (ur diabetic Lab) has only been taking Zobaline for a week, but I must say that I can see a difference in her already. Last night, she was able to take a walk with me without much resting. She actually walked about 150 yards, and waited just a minute for me to get something and walked all the way back without even sitting down. She then climbed our garage steps (6 or 7) into our house with ease. Once she was in the house, she was understandably exhausted but she has not been able to accomplish that in at least a year.

I am hopeful that she will continue to improve so I will log on and order two more bottles.

Towanda, PA
Found: 23
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