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Genistein Soy Complex 100 mg x 120 tablets
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Serving Size 2 tablets
Amount per serving % DV
Genistein 8 mg
Glycitein 20 mg
Daidzein 34 mg
†   Daily Value not established
Other ingredients: stearic acid, sorbitol, colloidal silicon dioxide, modified cellulose gum, and magnesium stearate.  Suitable for vegetarians.
Suggested Use: 2 tablets twice daily with a meal.


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Genistein is an isoflavone extracted from soybeans. Its structural resemblance to sex hormones such as estradiol enables it to alter the body’s reponse to these hormones. Genistein’s broad range of medical applications probably stem from its ability to inhibit various enzymes that have wide-ranging actions in many tissues. The half-life of genistein supplements in the body is about 8 hours.