Affiliate Program Basic

Our Affiliate Program can generate substantial income for you.

For a limited time, the Basic Affiliate program pays 10% of the gross sale (before taxes and shipping cost) to you.
Checks will be sent every time your current commission exceeds $100.

There is NO sign-up fee !!!

Just place a link - as we will show you below - on your web site and we will keep track of all the orders that came from your site, and add it to your commission.

You can log in to our site and check your current earnings any time !

Two easy steps to follow to become an affiliate:

1 - Go to our "Sign In" page and sign up to our Affiliate Program.

2 - Place a link to your web site (the generated link is shown in the Sign In page during the sign-up process).

Click here
to see how easy it is to embed links with (or without) an image with your affiliate code into your web sites.

That's all...
Looking forward to doing business with you,

the iLifeLink Team.
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